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Like most people, I hate opening up my e-mail every day only to be assaulted by countless unwanted "spam" messages. Choate's e-mail system supposedly filters out a lot of it, but a fair amount still gets through. The problem is that the spammers have programs that prowl the Internet, searching various web pages for e-mail addresses to harvest. Of course, I want to put my e-mail address on some of my web pages, such as my course syllabi or the Choate Tennis home page (www.choatetennis.org), as there are all sorts of legitimate reasons for people viewing those sites to contact me.

Fortunately, as part of a general upgrade to my web site, I have finally figured out how to list my e-mail address on a web page without having it available to the spam harvesters. Check it out here. Any of you making your own web sites will find this a very easy way to foil the spammers.


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