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Tennis In The Wind

Just got in from the morning tennis clinic on the Marriott courts--an hour of light drilling and an informal doubles round-robin. It's nice to be back on the courts after a layoff of nearly five months. There's something truly satisfying in simply finding the sweet spot and hitting the ball well. What's different here is the incessant wind, a bit frustrating when one is trying find his service timing after being away from the game for a while.

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Benjamin McGuire:

It's a little chillier than Aruba up here in Boston, but you should come up sometime (after you get back from your travels) to see some “real” tennis. I still prefer the modern version of the sport, but I’m sure you would enjoy the events we have at the T&R. Right now the Court Tennis World Doubles Championship is going on. (http://tandrworlddoubles.com/index.cfm) We have tournaments like this going on quite regularly, so I’ll keep you posted. I haven’t picked up a wooden racquet yet to try my hand at this antiquated sport, but I’m still play squash. Playing in a tournament tomorrow in fact. Wish me luck.


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