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Time To Go?


Not surprisingly, President Bush is not making his aides available for Congressional hearings, invoking executive privilege.

Not surprisingly, President Bush gave Scooter Libby a "get out of jail free" card last week, creating suspicion of a cover-up in the roots of the Iraq war and Plamegate.

Not surprisingly, President Bush's appointees to the Supreme Court have tilted the bench to the right, rolling back decades of progress in civil liberties.

Not surprisingly, Vice-President Cheney remains secretive and avoids any sort of accountability, concocting the novel argument that he is part of both the executive and judicial branches of goverment, and thus answerable to neither one.

Not surprisingly, New Orleans is still struggling to rebuild, highlighting the incompetence of the administration's handling of the Katrina crisis.

Nor surprisingly, an unpopular war in Iraq continues, America's credibility in the world erodes, stability in Afghanistan slips away, terror and bloodshed in the Middle East grows by the day.

Isn't it time for these guys to go yet?


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