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192 kbps


After reading a few articles online about how the MP3/iPod phenomenon has lowered our collective standards for audio quality to "low def," I have decided to encode my ripped CDs at 192 kbps, rather than the 128 which is standard for iTunes downloads. iTunes Plus songs, which don't have the DRM protection in the files, come in 256 kbps. But given the nearly 15,000 songs I have in digital format, 192 seems to be the sweet spot between the competing needs for better sonic fidelity and the need to keep file sizes as small as possible on computer and iPod hard drives. I have already re-ripped the CDs I loaded into my new iMac in the last month or so. I suppose I will gradually try to re-rip more of CDs at a leisurely pace in the weeks and months to come. But there's no rush, as it will take a long time to update all the music to the higher quality bit rate.


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