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Catching Up With Smallville


A quiet night in Memorial House, as it's exam study mode for all the kids and I am not on duty this weekend (which is a nice change of pace). I enjoyed a couple of quiet hours "nesting" tonight, clearing off a backlog of recorded programs from my DVR. I watched a couple of episodes from the current season of Smallville, a show I've followed only sporadically over the years. This is season 8 (!) for young Clark Kent, who is now well past high school age. Most of the original cast (Clark's earth parents, Lana Lang, Lex and Lionel Luthor, Pete Ross) is long gone and the show is pretty much set in Metropolis now (which sorta begs the question about the title "Smallville"). As I recall, in the first season or two, Metropolis was a city a few hours away from the little Kansas town where Clark grew up--though most other incarnations of Superman in the comics and on film and television place Metropolis far from the midwest, about where one would find New York City, in fact--but now it seems Smallville is treated like a suburb of the city, as characters appear in locations in both places back and forth with relative ease.


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