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Multiple Screen Computing


Were money no object, I'd design my workspace with three monitors, so that one could have my calendar and to-do list on it, another my e-mail in box, and the center whatever I am working on at the moment.

Short of that, I do have more computers than I can use right now. I am considering deploying one of the older ones (a G5 iMac) in my office so I can use it next to my MacBook. I'd use it for calendar and task functions, I suppose, and do e-mail and other work on the laptop. The two screens would not really be "spanning," since there would be two computers running them, but it would give me more functionality. Then again, it might be technological overkill.

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You could probably sell one of your extra Macs (used Macs keep resale value surprisingly well) and afford that Apple TV or PS3 you were thinking of.


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