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The End Of BSG


Wow. Just watched the final two hours of the Battlestar Galactica series. (I missed Friday night's transmission since Saddlebrook did not get the SciFi channel, so I downloaded the HD version on iTunes when I got home this morning.) This was a very satisfying ending to an epic television series--one of the best-scripted shows in recent years. Not a perfect finale, nor one that answered all the questions raised by the series, but one that provided enough closure without getting too sappy (which would not have worked for such a show characterized by such darkness throughout the saga). I am still processing the conclusion and will have to watch parts of this again in the days to come.

Too bad so many people never gave BSG a chance because the "science fiction" tag scared them away. Maybe this deserving show will find new adherents via DVDs and downloads in the years to come?


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