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The Making Of A Champion


Rafael Nadal posted a straight-set win over Novak Djokovic for his fourth Italian Open title in the past five years.

I've been reading Strokes Of Genius over the weekend and was struck by this passage describing Nadal's relationship with his coach, his paternal uncle Toni:

Toni was happy to tutor his nephew but immediately established a few ground rules:
  1. "If you ever throw a racket, we're finished. They're expensive, and when you throw a racket you don't just disrespect the sport, you disrespect all the people who can't afford equipment."
  2. "Losing is part of competing. You will lose. And when you lose, it's not going to be my fault or the fault of your racket or the balls or the courts or the weather. It's your fault, and you will accept it. Too many people in this world make excuses for their problems. You take responsibility and try and do better next time. That's all."
  3. "Have fun. When you stop enjoying this, it's no good. You'll find something else that gives you pleasure."

Wow. Pretty brilliant stuff from Uncle Toni. It cuts to the heart of understanding why Rafa Nadal is not only a great champion, but also a pretty grounded human being, too!

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