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The State Of Red Sox Nation

Great piece on Red Sox fandom in today's New York Times. Might Boston baseball loyalists be turning into--heaven forfend!--the type of entitled fans we are used to seeing in the Big Apple? An excerpt:

To veteran Red Sox fans, winning has never been the order of things. No one would ever call Fenway Park the Home of Champions. There is no such thing as "RedSoxography." Even had someone improbably composed a song called "Boston, Boston," the team would not have a swaggering Sinatra belting it out five seconds after every last out. We all know Yankee fans feel entitled: how dare you lose? How dare you do this to me? Red Sox fans, by contrast, often expect the worst, and when it comes, we revel in saying, "I knew it!"

But as the current cyber-stonings on the Red Sox message boards attest, creeping Yankeeosis has spread to Red Sox Nation. There is the same petulance, the same arrogance, the same intolerance for imperfection, the same obnoxious impatience. This year's sorry team will not only miss the wild card, the posters warn, but finish in fourth place!

Read the whole piece here.


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